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When I built the energy model, Chia had not even launched the mainnet. It is almost impossible to think of how fast the Netspace scaled after the launch, trying to update assumptions during exponential growth. It is fair to say I know a lot more about hard drive energy consumption and idle power states than I did a year ago. I have a deep understanding of the market dynamics between the xch price, Netspace, which drive power consumption. I have learned about sustainability and circular business models from legends in this space, and how to perform a life cycle assessment to understand the carbon impact of a product.

At the time of the release of the website, I based the research on the best-in-class energy models from CBECI and Digiconomist for blockchains. It is clear that energy alone is not enough now as sustainability and the future of cryptocurrencies like Proof of Work are being discussed on a global stage. I will be working to update the chiapower model and Chia sustainability pages with the best research I can do, and answer questions for the broader ecosystem trying to learn more about what sustainability means to the Chia blockchain.